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Dharma was founded in 2011, to help children based on the specific needs of each child. Dharma Fund helps children to grow into good men and women. Special attention is paid to children in families facing financial difficulties, large families, and children who are deprived of parental care.

The Fund supports the educational opportunities of such children, families facing difficulties, development of children with special needs, and disabled children.

You can make a donation here.

The Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer is an organisation founded in 1992 to provide relief to parents of children with cancer.
They aim to direct most of the donations received from sponsors and supporters exclusively to the treatment of children with cancer, and to support their parents and families by improving the availability of support services. Therefore, EVLVL is planning a Support Centre as an internal unit of the association, which can be reached via a web page (vähilapsed.ee) and a hot line number published in information sheets promoting the centre.

Duck Race

This children’s centre is a day-time centre for children of basic school age, aiming to support the development of children living in low-income families and provide them with a safe environment where to spend free time.

Since its inception, the centre has targeted children of basic school age who have special social needs, who have problems in school and at home, and who spent a lot of time in the streets before joining the centre. Today, the list includes 30 children of basic school age.

Over time, the centre has dealt with tutoring, hobby groups, camps and excursions, catering, teaching daily and communication skills, and promoting a healthy life style.

The blood bank ensures the availibility of high-level services and transfusion medicine products to patients and doctors in order to preserve and restore health, and is the largest institution in Estonia preparing blood components. It is a part of the hospital’s diagnostics clinic.
The blood centre supplies blood components to 14 Estonian hospitals.
You can make a charitable contribution to the blood bank by donating blood to help save and maintain human lives.

The basic costs of treatment are covered by the Health Insurance Fund, but there are no funds for much needed expensive drugs and equipment, renovation of the hospital, and further training of the staff.

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Nursery school “Lille” is a nursery school located in the City of Tallinn, set up to teach and educate pre-schoolers and advise and support parents on how to bring up their children.

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